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JeeoKingandQueen Beauty Pageant is a name to reckon with. We aim to redefine beauty standards and enable enthusiastic young people of our country to take control of their personalities and feel confident in their skin. With a long, intensive, and all-around grooming session, the participants will be able to exhibit their skills exquisitely. During a long knowledgeable and fun-filled session that includes international trip and photo shoot participants will learn soft skills and also discover their talent that for so long lay undiscovered. The major areas of development would be Personality, Talent, Confidence, and Intelligence. If you have got a strong game going in all these four criteria you could be our next crowning Diva and Jeeo Miss India 2022! After rigorous training and a whole lot of fun and teamwork, there is declaration of three life-changing titles in a huge ceremony start-studded with celebrities and notable names of the fashion industry. Three tiles are:

Miss India International

Mrs. India International

Mr. India International

About Our Story

Instead of following what has been coming down to us, unchanged and ‘un-inclusive’, managers and organizers at JeeoKingandQueen set their own rules. Through Season 1 and Season 2, we have developed a series of activities that not only add glamour but redefine the idea of Beauty.

This is a rare chance for the contestants to have a world-class groom up under industry experts. After the super successful Season 2, with Arbaaz Khan as the Chief Guest, it is time to recreate the same fun in Season 3. Season 1 was in Dubai, Season 2 in Phi Phi Island and Season 3 destination is going to be as exciting as the past two seasons. That looks like a chance not to miss! Isn’t it? Head to the Registration section and complete the Jeeo Miss India 2022 Registration, Mrs. India 2022, and Mr.India 2022. Once the audition is over, selected contestants will be under the constant guidance of experts. Clearing the audition is huge achievement because our judges are specific about what they are looking for.

As the pageant proceeds, competition level will become more complex. It is after a much hard work that India will get JeeoKingandQueen. Right from make-up and ramp walk to photo shoot, selected candidates will get a chance to display their confidence and get expert recommendation on how they can get better.

Our Mission & Vision

Our objective is to provide an estrade to all the proficient and ambitious people who’ll work hard to achieve their dream of being triumphant in both the pageant and in life. The kind of grooming we bestow the contestants with is not just relevant for the fashion or glamour industry, we want them to excel in any career they want to pursue.

As a beauty pageant our aim is to make our contestants more beautiful. Beauty for us is not just the glitz, because that kind of outer beauty has different definition for different people. Our definition of beautiful is a confident, talented and zealous person who desires to be successful in life in every way, no matter what skin color, height or weight they are. Our mission is to enhance the luster of these beautiful people and make them shine brighter than ever. That’s why the #BeautyForAll is our motto. Your success will help us accomplish our mission of spreading the #BeautyForAll.

Body Positivity

Throughout the world for ages beauty has been confined to a slender body shape and a fair skin. While this has been challenged massively by mighty revolutionary minds, a lot still remains unchanged. We are taking body positivity a step ahead with this empowering contest. JeeoKingandQueen titles have no biases against body shapes, martial statuses, skin color and so on.


The pageant has 'Inclusiveness' as one of the cornerstones. India is a country of diverse people. Everyone is welcome. Indians, at home or abroad, can take part in this contest and shine the brightest. We are celebrating being Indian in a truly International way! Hence, the titles Jeeo Mr, Miss, Mrs India International.

Ongoing Support

Here at JeeoKingandQueen, the contestants get ongoing support and training from the expert grooming panel. The experts on board don't just visit for a few hours and leave. They permanently stay with the contestants guiding them everyday in every little thing. They put in their 100% to make sure participants hone their talent to the brim.


For contestants this is not going to be an ordinary beauty pageant experience. It is a transformation opportunity that will leave them with sweet memories for a lifetime to come. Here they will transform from outside but more from the inside and that is what takes people to greatest heights in life- the beauty inside!

Our Team

Susanta Sarkar


Mrinmay Sarkar


Avinav Roy