A Throwback to Season 2-
Mr. Miss and Mrs. India International Beauty Pageant

Season 2 of JeeoKingandQueen was such a big hit. An event that proved life-changing for the winners started with the hard work of organizers, core team, expert groomers, and each and everyone who lent their support

Here is a storyboard of the entire journey

From a pool of registered candidates our judges brought out some deserving candidates and took them forward to the other round.

Once the audition was over we got our top 50 stardust ready to go ahead in the pageant with zeal, positivity and a knack to win it all.

Online grooming started right away.

After a month long online grooming session, the candidates finally flew to Phi Phi Island for the outdoor grooming. Shaine Shone, Liza Verma pushed the participants to develop a go-getter attitude and sure they did!

A creative photo shoot, water zumba sessions and a lot more was done at Phi Phi Island.

Once the participants were back in India, they got ready for the subtitle and talent round.

The wait was over and finally arrived the Talent and Subtitle Round.

Joining hands with Lakme Academy, JeeoKingandQueen participants displayed their talent and bagged titles that best defined their personalities.

Some of the categories and their winners are as follows
Pavas Khattri Mr. Perfect Body
Soumalya Biswas 1st Runner's Up of Mr. Category, Ramp Pro
Mithil Deepak Dhakkan 2nd Runner's Up of Mr. Category, Mr. Handsome
Prince Ghosh Mr. Confident
Tushnik Saha Mr. Talented
Bivas Barnik Mr. Congenial
Vishal Gupta Mr. Fashion Icon
Debasruti Saha MISS Photogenic
Ashima Sood 1st Runner's Up of MISS. Category, MISS. Talented
Kanti Kumari Gari 2nd Runner's Up of MISS. Category, MISS. Vibrant
Shreya Thakur TEEN ICON, ASMA'S Fashion Icon
Priyanka Gajbhiye MISS. Ramp pro
Taruna Miglani Miss. Popular
Aastha Tiwari MISS. Beauty with brains
Arpita Kumar MISS. Iconic Eyes
Pooja Vyas MRS. Talented
Neelam Singh 1st Runner's Up of MRS. Category, Beauty with brain
Ravinder Kaur 1st Runner's Up of MRS. Category,
Shalini Parupudi 2nd Runner's Up of MRS. Category,
Neha Singh Gupta Global Queen, MRS. Beautiful Eyes
Arpita Mishra MRS. Golden heart
Rashmi Jaiswal MRS.Ravishing
Shilpa Karhade MRS.Photogenic
Pamela Das MRS. Vivacious
Nisha Yadav MRS. Elegant
Neelam Arora MRS. Confident
Debjani Mukherjee Pride of Nation, Gorgeous Personality
Priya Jaiswal Best Hair, Best Personality

And then finally came the day everyone was eagerly waiting for. Everyone was happy that India would get the winners and sad that Season 2 would end and candidates will have to part ways. Arbaaz Khan blessed the event with his presence. Also, Rituparna Sengupta was present to encourage the finalist. Her presence brought a wave of positivity!

Through a long rigorous process, India got the winners in the three categories of Mr. Miss and Mrs. India International!

The winner in the Mr. Category Pavas Khattri had a confidence from the very beginning. At each stage of the pageant he got better and better. He also got the subtitle of Mr. Perfect Body

MISS Photogenic also became our winner in the Miss Category Debasruti Saha is hardworking, relentless and has a heart of gold.

Our Mrs. Talented Pooja Vyas was crowned the winner in Mrs. Category on the grand finale. We are immensely proud of her.

What a day of grandeur and pomp! The atmosphere was filled with high energy. It was all amplified with the presence of Arbaz Khan and Rituparna Sengupta.

Arbaz Khan encouraged the participants and said that all participants are winners in their own right and that they should celebrate their journey so far.

Rituparna Sengupta was superbly happy to be at the grand finale. Her busy schedule makes it difficult to attend ceremonies but here she was amongst us, with words of encouragement and good wishes for all.

The grand finale was marked by a number of events and rounds. It was time for all the participants to display all that they have learnt so far and make the groomers and experts Liza Verma and Shaine Soni, proud, after all their contribution is undeniable and without their efforts it would have been impossible to pull this grand event successfully.

After a total 4 rounds, the jury carefully picked our winners. Our jury consisted of:

Nikhil Jain

Asma Hussain

Manoj Mehra

Nitin Vijay

Poonam Yadav

Sujata Bhatia

Nick Rampal

Manpreet Singh

Suresh Sethiya

Joey Majumdar

They evaluated all rounds and their decision was well-received by all members. Without the kind cooperative and honest verdict of jury, this event is incomplete. Season 2 didn't end for real! It ended only for the Season 3 to start. Jeeo King and Queen is all ready to kick start its Season 3.