A throwback to Season 1 of the Mr. Miss and Mrs. India International Beauty Pageant

JeeoKingandQueen- a roller coaster ride with adventures, fun, and a lifetime worth of memories!

Here is a storyboard that will take you along the journey of Season 1

The event started with an all-India audition in 5 cities. Soon enough we got a long list of selected candidates who were summoned to the City of Joy, Kolkata.

Here, we began the journey for real. The participants went through an all-inclusive introduction, orientation, and grooming sessions. These sessions were carefully crafted by our experts.

Once the introduction, grooming, and orientation were done, we flew all our talented participants to Dubai.

Shaine Soni and Liza Verma pushed the participants to develop a go-getter attitude and sure they did!

A creative photo shoot, a well- choreographer video shoot, water Zumba sessions, and a lot more was done in Dubai.

Stay at the Dubai was marked by many more fun events. We had sub-contest rounds, subtitle rounds, and talent round.

While the sub-contest round and talent round were tough and exciting, eyes were resting on the sub-title round. There were subtitles like Perfect Body, Photogenic, Confident, Talented, Congenial, Pride of Nation, Golden Heart, Ravishing, Fashion Icon, Ramp Pro, Popular, and so on. The deserving candidates got the sub-titles and start preparing for the upcoming grand finale.

The most notable thing about the whole journey in Dubai was that the contestants displayed a great deal of teamwork. There was competition but a positive and healthy one. They supported each other, cheered for one another, and developed a bond that we believe may last a lifetime.

JeeoKingandQueen is not a race for titles, it is a journey of understanding yourself, feeling confident, picking up some great friends, and meeting amazing mentors.

Saying goodbye to Dubai was hard- a place filled with culture, fun, and vibrant people brought about positivity in contestants and they thoroughly enjoyed every day of it, especially the dessert photo shoot. But all great times come to end and what remains are memories to cherish!

Here preparation began for the Grand Finale. Butterflies in bellies and hopes in the head, the show was glamorous and filled with vibrancy, positivity, and a quest for the coveted title of Jeeo King & Queen Mr. Miss and Mrs. India International.

Our talented jury along with Arbaaz Khan and Georgina Andriani carefully picked the deserving candidates at every stage and finally declared the names of winners from all three categories. Mr. Miss and Mrs. India International!

Our star contestant Debabrata Sharma Thakur again from Kolkata with his confidence and humility successfully put his name on the Winner’s trophy of Mr. Category. Glad to be a winner, he is all set to take his career further and win more accolades with his winning attitude and flamboyant personality.

Jasmine Mitra from Calcutta bagged the winner title in the Miss Category. With heart-winning confidence, she was successful in gathering plus points from the jury and checked all the boxes that a winner of Miss Category should have. She was truly a learner from day one! We appreciate her hard work and knack to learn everything with sheer dedication.

And the very talented Mumbaikar Shirin Ebrahim Merchant was the winner of the Mrs.Category. She is elegant, a go-getter and has a million-dollar smile. We are grateful to her for instilling confidence in Indian women! She is an embodiment of strength and independence.

Season 1 ended with a huge after-party and a hope to make Season 2 even a bigger hit than Season 1.

After a total 4 rounds, the jury carefully picked our winners. Our jury consisted of:

Ayush Mehra

Tara Bhuyan

Suresh Sethiya